Sup? I'm

Andrew Mason.

Fullstack Software Engineer powered by Ruby on Rails. Currently building cool stuff as a Senior Product Developer at Podia and in the Ruby community.

Truthfully, I've been trying to write this introduction to you for years because I wanted it to be perfect and make a lasting impression.

I could mention the incredible podcasts I've been on, the innovative projects I've contributed to and created, and the programming posts I've written; however, I realize that it'll never be as perfect as I want. Because, I'm not good at perfect.

What I am good at is being me, and this website is where I do that. So I invite you to take the plunge and follow me on this unique adventure.

Latest Timeline

I have decided to start including more of the content I would write as tweets, or tweets themselves on this website. I originally named it Activity Stream but decided Timeline maps more closely to the concept of a timeline on social media.

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