Rails Extension Power Pack


Install the extension pack from the Visual Studio Marketplace or Open VSX.

If you find the extension pack helpful, consider leaving a rating on the Visual Studio Marketplace so that others can find it as well, thanks!

A list of the extensions can be found in the README in text form, and can be seen visually if you search for the extension in VS Code.


I get asked about my VS Code setup often, but it changes a lot much like the rest of my environment so it’s been hard to convince myself to write more about it. While thinking about updating an old post, I realized that I wanted a way to easily link people to my favorite VS Code extensions for developing Ruby on Rails without having to write a new one every few months.

After pruning my extensions, which I usually at least once a week, I used Paste to quickly collect all of my favorite extension ids in one list, generated a VS Code extension with yo, and pasted the list in the package.json file. That was it(if you don’t count the time I spent building a workflow to automatically publish to Open VSX and VS Marketplace).

I have closed the issues for now but the discussions board is open and that is where you can suggest new plugins, debate the need for existing ones, etc. As the description of the package says, these are MY favorite extensions so ultimately I want to keep it as close to what I am using as possible. If I missed your favorite extension, hop into the discussions and convince me! 😄

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31 December 2020
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