Start Your Ruby Podcast Today! No Experience Required!


In 2018 a hot new Ruby meetup appeared online. 🔥 Three meetups later, it was gone. 😭

This failed experiment paved the way for a new Ruby podcast: Remote Ruby. 170 episodes later, we’ve learned a lot! We had no previous experience podcasting before the first episode. Along the way we’ve learned things like what kind of gear to use, how to perform interviews, and affirmed just how lovely the Ruby community is.

It’s your turn! Come to learn from our mistakes, leave ready to start a podcast!


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Hey, I'm Andrew 👋

I'm a senior product engineer at Podia, co-host of Remote Ruby and Ruby for All, and co-editor of Ruby Radar. You can explore my writing, learn more about me, or subscribe to my RSS feed.

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19 May 2022
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